Jag är inte sjuk! 
(I’m not sick!)
January 2019
Children’s book.
Illustrated by Maria Fröhlich.
Publisher Rabén & Sjögren.

Oscar Liljas försvinnande (The Vanishing of Oscar Lilja)
Stage play, first performance at Hipp, Malmö City Theatre.
Director: Sara Cronberg
Medverkande: Alexander Abdallah, Lilja Fredrikson, Philip Lithner och Ana Stanišić.

Vei - book 2
March/April 2019
Graphic novel, part two of two.
Co-creator: Karl Johnsson

Release date TBA

Ghost Giant
VR-game, story and dialogue.
Zoink Games, Playstation.

Vi finns kvar (We’re still here)
Short screenplay.
Director: Alexander Rönnberg
Produced by Silvio Entertainment. 

New novel
Stand-alone, in the same universe as Norra Latin.

More to come ...